Holiday to Germany 🇩🇪

Two years and a bit years ago I decided to visit Osnabrück in Germany. I had a sort of friend there. Ok, a man friend, and I guess more than a friend, and I decided to go visit him. More about him later…

As a teenager I used to take part in the U.K./Germany exchange programme which was organized by my school. I was pretty good at French and German and my parents were great and supported me by allowing me to visit to France and Germany. I would stay with a family there and in return the host child would come and stay at our house.

France, well, yes that was interesting. Germany, well that was my life really.  I loved it. I had the most amazing exchange partner and her mother fed me endless yummy food. We went on trips to amazing places, a group of young people away from their parents and having so much fun and freedom in this beautiful country.

I feel I must cut a long story short. I went on the holiday to the town of teenage happiness, and now I live here.

This blog will be a story of love, sausages, and reliving the 1980s. Thanks so much for reading it you are great.




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