German Food nom nom nom

Ok I like food. Who doesn’t eh? The first question from my best friend when I came on the German holiday was what’s the food like? Delicious, I said. Yes but what is it she asked.

As I described the food to her, she started to make puking gestures and announced that if I do indeed go to live in Germany she will never ever visit me.

Key details of what created a puking face as follows….

Minced meat purchased at the supermarket is generally mixed pork and beef together. This just doesn’t happen in the U.K. We don’t mix our dead animals. I’m vegetarian by the way. The Bible of Morrissey taught me that Meat is Murder.

Fish counters sell stuff like cold herrings in dill mayonnaise. šŸ¤¢

Cold, sour cabbage is a traditional delicacy. This one finished her off completely.

Also noteworthy…

There’s no gravy šŸ˜«

Mushy peas do not exist šŸ˜‘

No fish and chips, kebabs just aren’t the same, no Sunday dinners, well no gravy dinners of any sort, loads of pork ugh, no proper tea and indeed no self raising flour.

Anyway, the food here is delicious and I have to say that I don’t miss the British stuff at all. The only thing I miss is a proper Indian curry. There’s one Indian restaurant in this town and it’s ridiculously expensive and I just know that it won’t be a proper British Indian curry so I haven’t been.

The Germans like to BBQ. Grillen they call it. It’s a tad difficult for me to write about this as of course the thing that is grilled is sausages and of course German sausages are the best in the world and of course I’m vegetarian. We BBQ veggies and mmm it’s tasty.

Germans eat a lot of potato salad. It’s very tasty. The mayonnaise is thick and creamy and one can purchase a giant pot of it for around one euro. 

German bread is yummy. The choice is massive and there are bakeries everywhere and it’s so easy to pop and buy fresh bread for breakfast. Lovely.

Thee are lots of Turkish supermarkets. There’s a massive Turkish population here and I love to go to these supermarkets. One can purchase big bundles of fresh herbs such as coriander and dill, very cheaply, wonderful ripe and juicy tomatoes, ingredients such as tahini and wraps for making yummy home made falafel based meals.

Crisps are mostly paprika pepper flavour mm yummy.  There is great beer mm yummy. Chips covered in mayonnaise mm yummy.

The food is great. 

I’m hungry now nom nom.


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