How to make Mushy Peas

I have a friend here in Germany. Just one. Actually he is one of the nice German boys from the 1980s. He was my first love. He had great shoes and my friends and I dedicated the song ‘I love your Shoes’ by Furniture to him. He didn’t know that. I found him on Facebook and he just lives around the corner and we are super great friends. He didn’t know that song but I forced him to listen to it and now he knows that he is an Eighties Icon. Really, he had such great shoes.

Anyway it was my turn to cook and I asked what he fancied eating. I’d been telling him about The Macc Lads and their song beer and sex and chips and gravy and he decided that he wanted to try British mushy peas.

I hadn’t eaten mushy peas for two years. They don’t exist here. I hope all my friends feel the pain of this torment.

I like this guy with the great shoes a lot and I proceeded to google for mushy peas recipes. Now, British mushy peas are made with marrowfat peas, which I have discovered are peas which have been left out in the sun too long. Something like that anyway. Brain getting old can’t exactly remember the details.

Of course marrowfat peas don’t exist in Germany. They quite clearly look after their pea fields properly. And I will not lie, I cannot remember which recipe I followed. Well, I didn’t follow one actually because I didn’t have a lemon. And I added mint. So anyway, here’s my recipe for home made made mushy peas…

Boil one kg bag of frozen garden peas in water with a bit of salt and a sprinkling of dried mint, for about five minutes.

Then drain it, then put it back in the pan.

Add a tablespoon of butter and a generous squirt of that lemon stuff that is supposed to be squirted on pancakes. About one teaspoon probably.

Add salt and pepper. Add half a pot of single cream or Schlagsahne for those of you who live in Germany. Add half a cup of water. Cook on low heat for about two minutes, stirring. Then use a hand blender to purée it. Add water if it’s too thick, or more cream. That’s it! Just purée it until it’s correct for you. I left mine quite lumpy.

You can use a vegan butter replacement and vegan cooking cream if you are dairy free by the way.

Now I’m pretty sure that there’s no butter or cream in tinned mushy peas or chippy shop mushy peas, and these peas are not like that. These mushy peas are posh. They were delicious actually. They tasted like Michelin star restaurant peas. Well I’ve never been to a Michelin star restaurant because I’m poor but I’m pretty sure that the mushy peas there would taste like this.

My lovely friend with the lovely shoes really enjoyed them. We ate them with chips and some mushroom pancake thingies mm they are tasty. Like crispy pancakes but with mushrooms inside. Mmm.

If anyone out there has perfected making mushy peas in a chip shop stylie pleeeease let me know but hey I recommend giving this recipe a try. They were great.


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