Friends Reunited

I feel I should explain how I came to live in Germany.

in the 1980s I had orange hair and wanted to be a Robert Smith cool indie type but ended up looking like Cilla Black somehow. That’s me in the pic. Wearing a stunning jumper I know.  

The best things about the eighties for me were The Smiths, The Cure, Vesta Chow Mein and taking part in the school German exchange trip.

I looked forward to the trip all year long, the ten days abroad without my family was just the most exciting and incredible thing in the world.

My exchange partner and I were such good friends, and of course there were boys around. Nice interesting German boys. 

After leaving school I studied German a level, passed it, and then proceeded to make a catalogue of disastrous life choices. Unfortunately I lost touch with all of my German friends and never visited the country again.

Six (ish) years ago my parents received a letter from an interesting German boy, now of course a man. He was hoping to trace me and hoped that my parents could pass on his letter. Ooooh I said to my Dad, it’s K from the 1980s (his name has a hyphen I can’t be bothered to keep writing it so let’s call him K) I bet he wants to marry me I will say yes if that’s the case.  My dad laughed.

Well K just happened to contact me when I was a twice divorced single parent to a young baby. I called him, we emailed, he visited me. that was weird. Sometimes I found him attractive, sometimes I thought he looked just like Jeffrey from Rainbow. I thought oh no of all people to resemble it’s flippin Jeffrey from Rainbow…

Anyway, he annoyed me. He had split up with his wife and he couldn’t stop talking about her. Yawn yawn. It got right on my nerves. Still, I enjoyed the company and after he left I was a bit lonely again. Anyway, it fizzled out. He knew that I was somehow finding his topic of ex wife and children rather tiresome and our contact stopped. There were a couple of emails, he was having random girlfriends and I was still a single mum. No time for men. I was trying to survive financially and was just really busy and enjoying being a mum.

I need to add that he said during his visit that he would love to marry me. I remembered this and about four years after his visit I decided that I did indeed need to marry him. I emailed him to see if he was single and divorced or not, he replied and said yes to both, and invited me to visit, which I did, then I asked him if I could come and live with him as we were both single and seemed to quite like each other and he said yes let’s get married though as you need medical insurance and it will be free of charge if you marry me. 

Because I like to make crazy life decisions, that’s exactly what happened, very quickly actually, purely because he was a nice German boy from the eighties, and I have never really left the eighties and hey you only live once right, and the paprika crisps really do taste good….


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