Baking Problems

I love to bake. I don’t think that anything beats a home made cake. I don’t actually have a sweet tooth but something about home made cake is just sublime.

I think that the best recipes for cakes BY FAR are those by Mary Berry. Just nom. None of her recipes have been a failure for me and really I am no pro.

When I moved to Germany I sold or gave away most of my belongings, just came with 2 suitcases, I however made sure that I brought what is I think the best ever baking recipe book,  Mary Berry’s Baking BibleEdit. It really is the ultimate baking guide and in my opinion every home should have one.

Anyway, as the title shows, there has been a slight baking problem. There is no such thing as self raising flour in Germany. Aaaagghhrrrrr. I was confused and thought noooo I can’t use my Mary Bible. Actually I went to the library and borrowed some German baking books. Tried a few recipes, using plain flour and baking powder, but they just didn’t compare to the great master.

I decided that I needed Mary’s cakes in my life and tried to make my own self raising flour. Did it, used it, and it works perfectly with the self raising flour recipes in my favourite book. In fact, its better. More even rising, more succulence, a better texture. I don’t know why. Maybe the flour here is better (doubtful I know), or maybe the fact that the baking powder is freshly mixed in is an advantage. Could be that I have a better oven here. Probably option 2 or 3.

Anyway I just add 2 teaspoons of baking powder for each 150g of flour, and a pinch of salt. I sieve it all into the mixing bowl and make sure its properly mixed together. My mum felt my pain and bought this for me Baking Powder 1kg. Works out cheaper than buying the little sachets and is much better for making the flour fresh. I guess more environmentally friendly too.

For Germany dwellers, you need the type 405 Mehl (flour) and Backpulver mixed together as above, and if you are German your cakes are completely super. Different texture to ours though and you need to try some of our recipes and you should deffo check out our Mary 🙂


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