Please don’t unwind me!!!

I do love a good dystopian novel.

Loved the Hunger Games series. Have to say that I didn’t really think I would enjoy anything quite so much.

My friend gave me a Kindle for my last birthday, he felt a bit sorry for me because its a tad difficult here to just pop to the shop and buy English language books. Woo yes exciting, I immediately looked for books in a similar vein to The Hunger Games, and this blog post is about the title I most recently finished.

OMG. What a book. Its called Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Similar to The Hunger Games, its in the catergory of young adult literature, and is about an absolutely terrifying fate that many teenagers are truly unfortunate enough to live and indeed die through.

It is set in the USA. There has been a civil war about the topic of abortion. The pro lifers and pro choice groups finally reached a compromise which saw abortion become illegal but still offer choice – the choice for parents to send off their unwanted teenagers to be ‘unwound’.

Between the ages of 13 and 18 young people can, at the request of their parents or legal guardians, become subject to an Unwind Order. They are taken to a Harvest Camp where their lives do not technically end, instead the young people live on in a ‘divided’ state. Their body parts are harvested and stored and ultimately transplanted into others.

Some young people, Tythes, are born and bred to be unwounds. This is a religious act by their parents, and Tythes are brainwashed into accepting that they are almost super human and pure and giving, and they are given special treatment at the Harvest Camps. Well, before they get chopped up at least aaaghhrrrr.

Unwind is about three young people who try to escape their horrifying fate. This book is so well written, so tense, so fast paced. I couldn’t put it down. I kept wondering and wondering, will the author describe the actual surgical unwinding process or not. I decided that it wouldn’t be described in detail as its one of those things best left to the imagination.

I was wrong.

Still haven’t recovered from the brilliantly written imagery in that chapter. I just about stopped breathing.

I have read some horror books and seen some horror movies in my time, and I really think this one terrified me the most. If you haven’t already, and you like dystopian topics, please read it. Theres a series of these books actually, I will be reading them all asap.

I buy my Kindle books in the Kindle Store. So happy to be able to access so many English written books this way. Here is the link to Unwind if you fancy taking a peek…

And heres the link to the book on Amazon UK. There are some UK only offers here.


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