Fish and Chips and Beer and Gravy

Some British food just isn’t available abroad. Definitely not in Germany anyway, and I have a couple of friends who live in the USA and I know that they struggle with certain items aswell.

Following a conversation about mint sauce with a German friend last week (he has never tried it but KNOWS that it is surely pure green evil), I have been on a bit of a mission to make a list of the things that just don’t seem to exist outside the UK, and find out where to buy them.

Amazon UK is quite a good option. I searched for english tea and british hamper and there is plenty to choose from. Then I found a fabulous website, The British Corner Shop, and I have already signed up and perused.  The price of the food and the postage costs are quite reasonable (half price with orders over 100 pounds). I am excited.

Here is a link to it. They sell Waitrose food yayyyy

So anyway, here is my list of British food that does not exisit abroad. To any non UK people, you should try these things…

mintMINT SAUCE is not pure green evil. Its chopped up mint in a vinegar base and its really super tasty. We eat it with roast dinners (meat and veg and yorkshire puddings and gravy) and its also super added to MUSHY PEAS (another non existent outisde UK food) and indeed mixed with yoghurt to make a lovely dressing or kebab type sauce.

gravy dinner GRAVY well really if you havent eaten gravy you haven’t lived. Its a thickish brown hot liquid which we pour over everything. It can be home made from meat stock but I think that most people just use instant gravy, which is a non meat meat flavoured hot liquid. We like to have chips and gravy, roast dinner with gravy, pie and gravy, sausage, mash and gravy, in fact gravy can be poured over everything and the result is a gravy dinner. Bisto is considered the best but I prefer Golden Fry.

dumplings DUMPLINGS are little balls made from flour and suet, suet being the thing that is not available. Its a type of fat, animal and vegetable versions are available. The dumplings are cooked in stews or casseroles and I have to say they are really really yummy. My USA friend told me that she has been making them with butter instead of suet. I intend to try making them with coconut oil very soon.

My daughter keeps asking me to cook her a pie. She really wants a Birdseye chicken and vegetable pie covered in gravy. Pies do not exist in Germany. Heinz salad cream does not exist. No mushy peas. No marrowfat processed peas. No sausage rolls. Not much pastry at all actually. Paxo stuffing does not exist, neither does tatare sauce. No Hobnobs, no Branston Pickle, and no Marmite. I guess I can live without Marmite. Do like it though, No Cadburys chocolate. No Cadburys cream eggs at Easter. If you are a chocolate fan I would recommend Cadbury Gifts Direct it’s possible to make your own pick and mix hamper and they deliver worldwide.

Ok thats it, I am going to order some food now. I need to force my friend to eat some mint sauce ASAP.  He will be reading this, and I would like to reassure him that his life will soon be a happier and more enriched, minty green pleasuresome daily experience.


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