Maiwoche (literally translated as May week) is annual festival that takes place in Osnabrück every year. It is the largest festival in northern Germany and attracts over 800,000 visitors.

The festival takes place in the city center and there is a week long programme including live bands, exhibitions and shows for children. There is food and drink from around the world, shopping stands, and lots and lots and lots of people.

Osnabrück is a beautiful town and if you can cope with crowds it’s well worth visiting the Maiwoche. I went last night and the atmosphere was wonderful. We watched a fab rock music cover band, can’t beat a bit of Guns n Roses 🕺well not true actually as The Cure would have been preferable but hey it was still great.

Here are some pics of little old me at the Maiwoche…

At the British food stand. Sadly no mushy peas. Not bad though.
Sooo many people
Pink is the way forward at Maiwoche
The beautiful Dom cathedral at Maiwoche
Food area so much to choose from nom nom
Traditional German cuisine cooked on a swinging grill.
A yummy Mai-Bowle, strawberries with light alcohol. Most refreshing.
This was taken before the music started and the crowds really arrived. It was almost impossible to move after 8pm. Such a fabulous atmosphere. And such great pink Doc Martens.
One of the many live bands dotted about through the city center.

Well what a lovely evening we had. A bit too crowded for me, I guess that Saturday night is the most popular night to go and the weather was great. So lovely though and if you are in the area at this time of year I definitely recommend a visit. And if you live in Germany and havent tried the Mai-Bowle drink, you definitely should do and here is a link to some I found on Amazon Gerstacker Mai-Bowle 5% Vol. 1L bitte schön 🙂


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