How to raise a Gamer

I absolutely love the Final Fantasy series of games by Square Enix. I mean, really. It is the only thing (please note I said thing not people) that I have loved outside the 1980s.

I discovered Final Fantasy after finishing Castlevania on the PS1. I talked to a nice young man in the game shop and I explained that I’m really fussy, and needed a game that’s similar to Castlevania. He suggested Final Fantasy VII so I did buy it.

This was in the late 90s. I was just amazed by it, had never played an RPG before actually, and I was and still am in love with the game. I played it through my pregnancy with my now 18 year old daughter. I would play, puke, drink lucozade, puke, play, eat wotsits, play, puke. And so on.

My record length of uninterrupted playing time was 14 hours, pausing only for the toilet and for wotsits and lucozade. Well as the pregnancy progressed I managed to eat pies and chips with gravy but my gaming memories definitely mostly involve wotsits. The fourteen hours was time very well spent breeding chocobos, by the way.

I declared to my (now ex) husband that if we had a daughter I would call her Aeris. He said no chance, too nerdy. We did have a daughter, and she is called Alice. Almost got my way haha. When I was in hospital with my newborn, the midwife told me that the babies would often go quiet when the Coronation Street theme tune came on. They recognize music that they hear often when in the womb. My child went quiet at the familiar sounds of Final Fantasy VII battle and chocobo racing music.

Here is my Alice. She likes a bit of gaming. Awesome Mortal Kombat T-Shirt Choose Your Fighter (L) t shirt eh. I was so proud when she wanted that (that’s a link to the t shirt on Amazon UK by the way).

And here is Aeris. Similar I feel.

Well anyway, I have played FF 7,8,10,10.2,12 and most recently, 14, a Realm Reborn and Heavensward (Heavensward is an optional extension but I guess its necessary)

FF14 is the most amazing and addictive MMO game that exists. Well OK you might not agree, but for a devotee of FF it’s just FABULOUS. I’m waiting for Stormblood, the new extension, to be released in June. Cannot wait!!!!

I took a few pics of my beloved toon, Rinoa. Here she is ❤️

The scholar healing class, and some chocobos

This is my machinist class with her awesome moogle gun

It’s possible to level several job classes. this is one of my healers, the white mage. Please note the awesome moogle slippers. Many hours well spent getting those from the moogle tribe quests.

You can buy and furnish an apartment, and plant flowers and stuff inside. This is mine oh I do love it in there.
It’s such a great game. You can join a free company and meet friends and do dungeons and trials together. You u can be a miner, a weaver, a black magician, a healer, a tank… it never gets boring I don’t think, it’s so much fun. I will maybe write more about it another time.

You can learn more about FFXIV on Amazon via this link ,final fantasy XIV
there are some useful reviews there and you see the various available products. You can play the game for free for two weeks on PC too (I play on the PS4 but started on a very basic laptop, it worked fine). I tried to find a link to the trial, but I have only found the German one so far. Just google it 🙂 Well worth giving it a go I promise.


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