Saturday Night Takeaway

Well one thing that I sort of miss over here in Germany is the exciting moment that the doorbell rings and there’s a nice chap with a bin liner sized bag of hot food waiting for his £15 or so.

Kebabs, curries, fish and chips, free cheesey garlic bread, giant pizzas dripping with oil. And a bottle of Diet Coke to keep the calories down of course. Yum! My record consumption was one 16 inch pizza, one 12 inch cheesey garlic bread, and one kebab, all at the same time. Was pregnant. Was ill. Did not do that again.

Since living in Germany I haven’t had a single food delivery. A few takeaways have been consumed, small of portion, expensive in my opinion, and really I find the supermarkets here so cheap that when a takeaway is shouting out to be consumed, I do make my own.

Small observation , haven’t lost any weight since giving up monster takeaways so I think they must all be very low fat or something.

Today was such a day and I threw together some random stuff and made a vegetarian kebab substitute. I don’t eat meat by the way.

It was sooooo tasty that I feel the need to share the recipe so here it is. Oh here’s a photo of my balls…

For the balls, I used 150g of dried soya chunks. This type (this is a link to Amazon UK pretty cheap to buy these there).

Prepare according to packet, I simmered mine for ten minutes in water containing 1tsp of vegetable stock. Drain and cool.

While cooling, make some breadcrumbs. I used 1 medium slice of wholemeal bread and blitzed in food processor along with 1 brazil nut, 4 cashew nuts, 2 hazlenuts and a walnut. I removed the nuts from a pack of muesli. Why not.

Mix the breadcrumb mix with the soya, add 1 egg, then spices to taste. In mine was salt and pepper, cumin, turmeric, mixed herbs, coriander and paprika (about half a teaspoon of each), half a teaspoon of garlic powder and a squirt of Jif lemon. Then add one finely chopped red chilli pepper and one small finely chopped onion. Also half a teaspoon of sesame seeds if you fancy that.

Puree everything with a hand blender. Leave a bit lumpy or totally blitz, its up to you.

With your hands, squish into balls/little patties. Shallow fry the balls until brown on both sides,  then bake at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. This ensures they cook through properly. I put mine onto baking paper before placing in oven. Drain on  kitchen paper. Serve with salad, pitta bread and sauces of your choice for a yummy veggie kebab experience.

Experiment with herbs and spices. I will make these again, a lot I guess as they are yummy and cheap, and I plan to use fresh coriander next time, and more chilli.

Ok its not a British takeaway but really really nice. More takeaway talk at a later date…

Have fun squishing those balls!


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